Living in Japan for several years made us aware, how much Japanese people appreciated the Maitake mushroom with its many valuable features. The oldest records about Maitake and its properties date back over more than 1000 years.
The Japanese term "mai" means dance and or jump and "take" is a mushroom (as in Shitake). To find this rare mushroom resulted often enough in a joyous excitement, since it was counterbalanced in silver, according to the ancient writings.
The health-enhancing properties of this mushroom have been well known is Asia since centuries, but in recent years this has become also well-known in Europe and the Americas.

Prof. (emerit.)Dr. Hiroaki Nanba, professor of microbiology at the Pharmaceutical University Kobe in Japan has done intensive research in the health-enhancing properties of mushrooms. After many years of studies with various mushrooms such as Maitake, Reishi, Shitake and many others, Maitake was, in the end, found to be most efficacious, because it contains in its structure the extremely important, manifold branched-out polysaccharide chains. In an ingenious hot-water-treatment process, in the meantime also patented in Europe, Prof. Nanba could produce a concentrate. This concentrate with betaglucan-enriched MD-Fraction strengthens considerably the immune system.

Maitake MD-Fraction ®(Betaglucan enriched concentrate) is also available in pharmacies.
If not, the pharmacy can order our product under the German Pharma Central Number 4879584.
The quality and safety of our, from Japan imported, Maitake Concentrate is constantly checked, also and particular in regard to radioactive substances following the Fukushima incident.

Biotake's MAITAKE Concentrate is free of any foreign particles.

MAITAKE Concentrate is available in a 30 ml glass container. We recommend a daily dosage of 15-20 drops, max. 60 drops.

With our order sheet (download or direct), MAITAKE Concentrate with Betaglucan MD-Fraction can be ordered.

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